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1. Select your Baton Rouge business phone numbers & order office phones for each employee.
2. Plugin the phones we send to your Baton Rouge business, and sync mobile devices with RingRoost.
3.Make business calls, add extensions, transfer calls, conference, queue, manage voicemail and more.
4. Configure and make changes to your phone system at any time with the RingRoost hosted PBX


We offer Local Business phone numbers in these Baton Rouge and nearby area codes: 225, 337, 985, 504, 318,

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  • Simple business phone system setup, just plug in
  • Unlimited phone extensions for your employees
  • Mobile Phone integration, never miss a call with mobile fallback
  • Most robust business phone system features
  • Local Baton Rouge numbers or transfer your's to RingRoost
  • Easy to use, web based phone system configuration

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Here's what a few customers say about RingRoost
We are a non-profit and have to be really careful about where we spend money. RingRoost was really simple to get going with and really helped the budget.
~ Sophie S.
I have a home office and I’m on RingRoost phones pretty much all day. I hooked up bluetooth and the sound quality is really great.
~ Franklin F.
RingRoost is really open about its pricing and what it offers, it feel like y'all actually care about your customers.
~ Clair E.

Why Your Baton Rouge Business Should Use VoIP

What is VoIP?

VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. Essentially, it’s an online communications technology. Many business questioned why they should use VoIP, when they still have traditional phone lines. Traditional communications, like the land line telephone can, and possible should be used in conjunction with VoIP, but there are a few reason why a business should integrate VoIP into its communication abilities.

Why should you use VoIP?

  • 1. The equipment that would be required in order for a traditional telephone line to offer the same capabilities of VoIP would be expensive.If you use VoIP for communications, then all you need is a high speed Internet connection, router, and a VoIP capable network.
  • 2. The call price for using a dedicated business telephone line can be quite expensive. The provider has to meet numerous communications and equipment regulations, and the costs are passed on to the customer through their business telephone bill. VoIP uses the internet, so there aren’t as many regulations to comply with. This is evident in the cost, and billing method. Business telephone bills are charged by call, VoIP is a fixed monthly fee.
  • 3. VoIP offers a huge number of features and benefits such as call forwarding, call waiting, faxes, conference calls, and so much more. This means that VoIP is more versatile, and has more communication possibilities than traditional communications methods can offer.
  • 4. The payment plans are more flexible too. With business land line providers, the fees and charges are set in stone. VoIP offer a tier of payment plans, so you can choose the plan that is most suitable for your business, and the flat rate is what you are charged. You can change your plan as you grow your business, and you won’t need to add anything extra in terms of equipment and infrastructure.
  • 5. If your business has multiple locations, your staff in one location may need to call the staff at another location. If they do this using VoIP, they dial an extension. There’s no need for high priced long distance call charges.
  • 6. VoIP is usable when travelling. If the software is installed on a staff members smartphone, then they have all the same benefits that they would have if they were in the office.
  • 7. VoIP also offers better call quality. It essentially delivers HD audio quality.
  • 8. When you use a VoIP provider, you are using an off site server that is dedicated to providing VoIP. Not only does the dedicated server ensure higher quality and better service, but maintaining the server is not your responsibility. It’s the responsibility of the VoIP provider.
  • 9. VoIP is not tied to an area code like a traditional telephone is. This means that your Baton Rouge business can use a non geographical number. Marketing experts believe that having VoIP capabilities gives your business a more professional impression.
  • 10. VoIP is not just about voice calling. It can also offer both inbound and outbound SMS.
  • VoIP and Baton Rouge

    Baton Rouge is forecast to be the Louisiana leader in job growth in 2017. Over the next two years, 9,000 new jobs are expected through business growth, and new business. This means that Baton Rouge businesses are looking to the future, considering how and where to grow, how to cultivate long lasting business relationships, and how to communicate. VoIP is a fast growing communication method, and many more business are likely to adopt it as their main method of communication. As VoIP offers a reliable and cost effective method of in house communications, expanding businesses are considering VoIP to be one of the most important services to establish in new locations.

    VoIP even has website applications, which allow clients and potential clients to communicate with your Baton Rouge business through your business website quickly, conveniently and in a highly cost effective manner.

    Many small businesses seem to think that VoIP is only relevant for large companies and corporations. This is inaccurate, incorrect and potentially a mistake. Small businesses in Baton Rouge can enjoy all the same benefits as larger corporations. While a small business may not need to choose the same pay as you go type plan as a larger one, the less pricey plans offer many of the same benefits. VoIP gives allows your business to be considered seriously as one with potential to grow, and one that doesn’t fear the future. VoIP is also very user friendly, and all of the features, such as call forwarding are available through the touch of a button. To access the same feature on a traditional telephone involves a lengthy process of working out the switchboard. VoIP is for forward thinking businesses, and as the saying goes, those who think forward, move forward.

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    • Unlimited Users
    • Multi-Level Auto-Attendant
    • Auto Attendant Greetings
    • Fax to Email
    • Recorded Voicemail Greetings
    • Fall Back Phone Routing
    • Voicemail to Email
    • Unlimited Phone Extension
    • Toll Free Phone numbers
    • Toll Free Number Porting
    • IVR Phone system

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