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5 Phone Tax Accounting Office Setup

Asked by Business Use Cases on November 24, 2014 9:24 PM

Nov 24, 2014 9:24 pm
By: Larry Frank
On: Nov 24, 2014 9:24 pm

5 Phone Tax Accounting Office Setup


Small tax accounting office with 1 Principle , and 1-4 extra people depending on season. 4 offices plus reception area. At times there is a front receptionist, at other times the receptionist duties are carried out from one of the offices. The business had been using 2 incoming POTs lines and a third POTs line for the fax. The old system was set up on a Merlin PBX.

With the ringroost system, all phones will ring when a call comes in from one of two numbers from the outside. If the call is not answered after 4 rings phone 1 sends the call to voice mail.

A incoming call can be answered from any one of the five phones. From there it can be transferred ( using labeled "soft" buttons programed on the screen of the Yealink phone. If a transferred call is not answered within 2 rings it loops back to the phone which originated the transfer. It can be picked up there, or if not answered in three more rings is sent to voice mail.

The voice mail messages can be listened to form any of the 5 phones.

New System.

Phones selected were Yealink SIP-T46G phones . They are available for around $130 to $150 each.The can register 6 independent SIP accounts on each physical phone.

The 2 numbers from the POTs line were transferred to Ringroost as the service provider. Each DiD number can carry multiple simultaneous calls.

The phones were all set up identically. Each with 6 registered SIP accounts.

Account 1 on each phone was set to receive outside calls form the two DID numbers with Ringroost.

Accounts 2-5 on each phone were registered with additional SIP accounts as a target for transferred calls from whichever phone is being used for receptionist duties at any time. If a transferred call is not answered within 2 rings it is looped back to the sender phone.

Account 6 on each phone was registered with an additional SIP account, to receive the loop back of an unanswered internal call transfer. The use of the extra 5 sip accounts on each phone enables the loop back to return only to the phone that initiated the call transfer.

Voice Mail.

The company wanted all calls to go to a single voice mail account. To accomplish this SIP account 1 on phone1 was set to 5 rings before recording a voice mail , while on all phones 2-5, SIP account 1 was set to 4 rings.

A voice mail response was added to the transfer loopback system by sending calls from all registered (accounts 6 )on all the phones to a record voice mail module. This implements is if an unanswered transferred call is looped back and again is not answered after 3 more rings . The call is then transfered a second time, this time to voice mail.

Two individual voice mail messages were recorded, on for phone 1 account 1, and one for the record voice mail module connected to accounts 6 on all the phones.

Here is a chart showing this setup:
Sep 27, 2016 7:25 pm
By: RingRoost Support Team
On: Sep 27, 2016 7:25 pm

5 Phone Tax Accounting Office Setup

This is great Larry, thank you so much!


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