Ring Patterns (Call Hunting)

Many times businesses require a number of phones to ring at the same time, or phones to ring one after another. This basically allows the call to "hunt" for an available agent to answer it. RingRoost makes setting this "hunt" functionality a breeze.

There are basically two methods of hunting that RingRoost supports.


With multi line hunting you are able to ring a number of phones, and the first one to answer "wins" and the other lines are hung up. Here is how you might set up multi-line hunting to ring two office phones and one cell phone.

Note: In the setup, if no one is available to answer, the call is forwarded to a voicemail.

Linear Hunting

Linear hunting is even more simple, you can simply bind as many SIP Phone controls or Dial Controls together. The call will then flow through the controls, ringing each phone, until the call is finally answered. This is what a linear hunt might look like on RingRoost.

Note: It may help to only ring each phone once or twice and then continue to the next phone, otherwise the caller might be waiting for quite some time.

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